Catastrophic Injuries


If an injury has left you unable to work, we’ll help you seek justice

This type of injury refers to one that results in the injured party becoming unable to perform “any gainful work.” It does not have to necessarily result from an auto accident (though one certainly could); it can be a spinal cord injury, severe burn, or traumatic brain injury.

Since catastrophic injuries leave a person unable to work for the rest of his or her life, lost wages must be taken into consideration when deciding what is just compensation, not just the medical treatment costs of the injury itself. These injuries can result from an intentional or negligible act of a third party or a defective product.

Catastrophic Injuries

No matter how it happens, whether the result of a spinal cord injury or a brain injury accident, you want to be sure you and your family are taken care of, especially since you’ll be unable to work for the remainder of your life.

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